DC Spotlight

Development Center’s Detroit Hope Clubhouse

Located just off of Ryan road in the Hamtramck-Detroit area is a powerful safe haven for members of the Detroit community. Detroit Hope Clubhouse is a program under Development Centers which serves members of the Detroit community with mental illness and offers opportunities for personal growth, building social circles, job searching and skill building, and health and wellness activities, among much more!

Detroit Hope Clubhouse serves community members with mental illness by focusing on individual strengths, giving them hope for better life outcomes and opportunities to grow as individuals. Members are initially referred to the Clubhouse through Development Centers and given a tour of the building and different activities and opportunities that exist within the Clubhouse. After becoming a member, individuals pick and choose different “units” within the Clubhouse in which they can contribute their personal skills, talents, and experiences. These units help individuals learn additional skills, like computer and technological skills, which can later be applied to a resume. Clubhouse staff assist members in constructing their resume, which members take with them to attain a job or further their education.

The Clubhouse works by the Work-Ordered day, from 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday. During this time, members pick an area in which they would like to work; they are able to pick a unit from clerical to culinary, bookkeeping, information and systems, and engineering. Each unit contains different skill-building jobs which ultimately contribute to the continuation and maintenance of the Clubhouse.

Current members of the Clubhouse love the jobs they choose. Two members in particular, Doris and Lolita, are interested in bookkeeping and clerical stations. They keep busy during their time at the Clubhouse filing documents, working on the computer, performing outreach calls, and overseeing the Clubhouse minutes of the morning meeting. Another member, Darren, is interested in engineering and information systems. He also works on the computers they have in the unit, making sure the technology is in working order. Dan, who works in the Clubhouse Store located in the building, attributes the program’s success to the “positive and motivated environment” which attracts members in need of services. He is thankful for the Clubhouse’s work to help him build confidence and skills!

The Clubhouse members are able to take trips with the program; recently, the group went to Lansing and met with representatives. These trips offer opportunities for the members to socialize, build friendships, and gain exposure to different experiences. They see movies together, go bowling, and even went camping! These events often appear in their newsletter, which is filled with articles and comments from current members alongside event calendars, recipes for healthy dishes, and member spotlights.

Detroit Hope Clubhouse is a positive, skill and strength-building environment that is committed to seeing its members through from the beginning, offering support and opportunities along the way. For more information, call the Detroit Hope Clubhouse at (313) 731-4859 ext.4520, or send them an e-mail at The members love to discuss their activities and experiences with the Clubhouse, and are welcoming to new members!

Note: Submitted by Claudia S. during her internship from Oakland University.