DC Spotlight

Omega-ACT Success Story

A story about Omega-ACT

“We are pleased to feature one of our consumers who has been a participant in our community based Omega-ACT program for over 13 years.  In the beginning, staff had to visit her late afternoon because she would not get up before 1pm.  Despite the ongoing encouragement from staff to engage in family and community activities, her only activity was taking care of her physical needs such as grooming, eating, etc.  She was resistant to meet new people; she actually hated it.  Anytime we had a new staff it would be months before she would even give them a chance.  Now she has graduated to section 8 housing, she mentors other young women on the program, she has a garden every year and the Team is able to visit with her as early as 11 am.  KB takes a very active role in the lives of her grandchildren, is more integrated in the community and is always offering to assist where ever she can.  She is truly remarkable. “

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