Consumer Satisfaction Survey
*Each year Development Centers surveys the people we serve to determine satisfaction. The overall level of satisfaction in 2020 was approximately 88%. As an agency, we have exceeded the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) standard of 80%. We have received consequential feedback from members, which will be used to substantially improve our current programs. Here are the CARF Survey Results.

Development Centers’  mission is to ensure that every child, adult and family lives a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Development Centers believes that everyone deserves access to opportunity. Whether it is access to quality education, meaningful employment or mental health support, every consumer that comes through Development Centers’ door is treated holistically to meet that individual’s unique needs. Development Centers focuses on three main areas of support.

    1. Behavioral Health Services – Development Centers offers crucial programs to enhance the overall functioning of individuals and families based out of an office, home or school environment. (Please note during the COVID 19 Pandemic, our goal is to keep our consumers and staff safe by practicing social distancing protocols. Most of our services are currently provided through Telehealth.)
    2. Early Childhood Programs – Our programs provide a full range of prevention, early intervention, and education and treatment services for families with young children, between the ages of birth and five years. Programming also includes four Head Start and Early Head start early childhood education centers.
    3. Workforce Development – Our services focus on helping people gain independence through employment readiness, training and connecting any Detroiter to meaningful employment opportunities.

We have around 300 dedicated staff and service more than 12,000 consumers each year with over 26 behavioral health & prevention programs.

Please see our FY 2020 Annual Report


DC Mission

Helping children, adults and families live healthier, happier lives.

DC Vision

DC will be the preeminent organization committed to excellence and the recognized leader in Human Services.

We will provide a continuum of diversified services based upon community need, resulting in outstanding and ever improving outcomes.

DC Values

  • Respect and compassion for all persons served.
  • Acknowledge the abilities, strengths, and worth of the individual and his/her family.
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in programming, staffing and service delivery.
  • Commitment to education and advocacy to confront racism and prejudices.
  • Seek out and be responsive to community need.
  • Dedication to teamwork, professionalism, ethical conduct and the prudent use of resources.
  • Commitment to opportunities, regardless of personal barriers.
  • Commitment to best practices.



Development Centers was incorporated in 1983 as a 501c3 nonprofit from the result of a merger between two long-standing agencies: The Children’s Orthogenic Center and Phoenix Place. As such, we have a combined history of providing behavioral health services to children and adults in Northwest Detroit that extends back to the mid 1940’s.

At the time of the change in name, DC had a staff of 24 and served 700 consumers annually through its 4 programs.

Over the years as the growing number of individuals and families requesting services has increased, and as the diverse needs of our community continuously evolve, Development Centers has always responded to meet those needs.