Say & Play with Words, led by National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), a prominent family literacy organization, with support from the PNC Foundation, is tackling the word gap in Detroit. Say & Play with Words is partnering with the United Way for Southeastern Michigan’s Early Learning Communities to offer vocabulary-building training to child care providers from across the city.

Say & Play with Words trainers are offering four training topics focused on language and literacy development and parent engagement. You may attend one, or attend them all. Trainings are FREE thanks to the PNC Foundation. See below for training info and upcoming dates.

Say & Play with Language

One of the best ways to close the word gap is through talking with children, especially young children. During this session, providers will learn about the role of oral language in literacy success, key milestones by age, and activities to building vocabulary.

Say & Play with Reading

Reading is another building block of vocabulary. This session will introduce providers to Dialogic Reading, a technique where providers ask questions and prompt discussion while reading to their children.

Say & Play with Sounds

Phonetics, the sound letters make, is a key predictor in later reading skills. During this session, providers will learn how to introduce letters and the concept of the sounds letters make to young learners.

Say & Play with Families

Parents are a child’s first teacher, and are integral to early learning. During this training, providers will receive parent engagement insights and resources so parents can integrate language and literacy into their children’s daily lives.

Sign up for an upcoming training today! Can’t make one fit your schedule this month, check back as we’re constantly adding training dates.

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