Vocational Services


Supported Employment Program

Our Philosophy

Development Centers believes that people with serious and persistent mental health problems are entitled to work in meaningful, competitive employment.

We are dedicated to providing various supports that will assist the individual in obtaining their vocational goals, as well as being self sufficient.

Our Eight Core Principles of Supported Employment:

  1. Zero Exclusion Policy
  2. Integrated Employment and Treatment
  3. Competitive Jobs
  4. Rapid Job Search
  5. Systematic Job Development
  6. Time-Unlimited Support
  7. Consumer Preference
  8. Personalized Benefits Planning

Vocational Support
Development Centers works with our consumers to achieve their goals in keeping with an individualized person-centered plan based upon a Stages Of Change Model, beginning with Contemplation …to Preparation …to the Action Stage of change.

Outcomes include:

  • Assignment to an Employment Specialist
  • Vocational Assessment (intake)
  • Goal-Setting
  • Resume Building
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Job Coaching
  • Ongoing Vocational Assessment and Follow-Along Services
  • Connection with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)
  • Support, assistance and encouragement from Certified Peer Support Specialist

When an individual obtains employment he/she moves from the Action Stage to the Maintenance Stage of change.