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Overcoming Barriers to Achievement

We Have All Seen The Headlines

Year after year, Detroit area school children record some of the lowest test-scores and highest drop-out rates in the country.

More often than not, large numbers of inner city kids have to contend with obsolete facilities, overcrowded classrooms and underfunded programs.

Many come from low income households, where access to comprehensive health care and family supports …to overcome even the most basic of early-child developmental issues …is often lacking.

Also compounding such disadvantages for many youngsters are the societal problems which can stem from neighborhoods that are mired in poverty …including the unsettling impact of exposure to crime, violence and drugs.

How can a child ever break through such an emotionally debilitating spiral of anxiety, hardship and despair at the most vulnerable times in their lives?

It starts with access to ready resources

Development Centers is committed to providing ready resources aimed at overcoming barriers to learning for underserved youth at select Highland Park and Detroit Public Schools.

Our School Based Partnerships

  • Are collaborations between School Administrators, Classroom Teachers, Itinerant School Specialists and Community Representatives
  • Recognize the significance of early identification of mental health needs as well as early intervention & prevention programming when promoting healthy emotional development and school success in children.
  • Are specifically designed to overcome the cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral and environmental barriers to a child’s healthy growth which can impact the child’s ability to learn.

…and continues with guidance by dedicated staffers who are backed with community support!

Our Resource Coordinating Teams

  • Utilize the expertise of several cross-disciplines in executing comprehensive service plans coordinated to involve parents and school personnel.
  • Are committed to continuous training centered on Evidenced Based prevention and therapeutic models of treatment.

Our Service Plans Also Feature

  • Programs that offer home and community outreach components aimed at engaging youth and their families while providing help with linkages to community resources.
  • Summer programming that offers enriching academic, social, and creative activities. You can click here to view a sampling of some of our typical summer-camp style experiences.