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Inspirational Youth Raise Diaper Need Awareness

Local High School Students Partnering to Hold a Diaper Drive for Babies in Need

Detroit, MI — As basic as diapers may seem, diaper disparity is a real issue that is continuously plaguing families experiencing poverty in Detroit. Now, thanks to a group of Cranbrook and Notre Dame high school students, the Diapers for the D initiative has been created to bring awareness to this epidemic. As part of a self-developed service learning project, these high schoolers are being mentored in philanthropy efforts and using their enthusiasm and creativity to address a long-standing need.

Three years ago, the Detroit Diaper Bank closed its doors, leaving so many families without a resource for diapers. As a result, babies are being left in diapers way too long, causing health issues, long crying spells and stress for caregivers and families. Coupled with the fact that cash/food assistance programs can’t be used to purchase diapers, our youngest children have been left without a safety net.

Through the diligent efforts of this group of caring students and their Diapers for the D initiative, the need for diapers is now being heard by many.

  • The Detroit Police Department is a proud sponsor of the initiative and is holding diaper drives at each precinct throughout the city from September 26 through October 10, 2016.
  • In the spirit of the former Detroit Diaper Bank, Development Centers will be assisting the generous students with the distribution of diapers to families and babies in need throughout the city.

Ronnie Ahlborn, a 10th grader at Cranbrook schools, states, “We think this is a very important and underrated issue. Most people don’t even know about this need for diapers in Detroit. We are hoping to spread awareness and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this project.”

All of these efforts are coinciding with Governor Snyder’s proclamation that September 26, 2016 through October 2, 2016 will be Diaper Need Awareness Week.

See Detroit Free Press Article – Detroit Police collecting diapers for needy families.

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